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Good to know information for citizens traveling to Iraq

Population :


World Share :


Land Area :


Currency : The Dinar Arabic (code: IQD) is the currency of Iraq
Mobile Carrier :
  • Zain Iraq
  • Asiacell
  • Korek Telecom
Phone Country Code : +964
Power Outlets :
  • In Iraq the power plugs and sockets are of type C
  • D and G The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz
Emergency Numbers :
  • Emergency-122
  • Police-104
  • Fire-115
Driving Side : right side
Timezone :
  • Arabian Standard TimeTime zone in Iraq (GMT+3)
Legal drinking age : 21, Sources say only Iraqi Christians are permitted to sell alcohol; alcohol sales were banned entirely from 2006-08.
Is it ok to smoke weed? No, it is illegal.
Top 10 Attractions:
Additional Information :

Iraq is the birthplace of some of the oldest civilizations such as the Babylonians and the Assyrians. However, tourism has been severely overlooked in the recent past, and some of the ruins have been utterly neglected. Even so, there are plenty of other historical places that you can visit, although most people who go to Iraq do it to visit holy sites. After all, Iraq is an Islamic country. Sightseeing is not a priority, and some regions are dangerous, such as Mosul, but the best part of Kurdistan is safe, and you should have no incidents there. Before you travel to Iraq, you need to see if you need a visa, and chances are that you do. There are no visa exemptions for Iraq, but 8 nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival at Al Najaf International Airport. At the same time, it is a well-known fact that most tourists travel to Iraq to visit Kurdistan, which is why the region is available for some nationalities visa-free. As a result, the nationalities who visit Iraqi Kurdistan can enter the area without a visa and stay there for periods that vary between 15 days and 30 days, depending on the country of origin. The rest of the nationalities need to obtain a visa before they travel to Iraq. If you want to see which visa you need for your trip, you can look at Iraq’s visa policy, although using the Visa Checker would be more convenient. All you must do is access the tool, which is located in the top right corner of this page, choose your country of origin in the left drag-down menu, and put Iraq in the right menu. In an instant, the Visa Checker lets you know if you need a visa or not. Moreover, if you do need a travel document, the tool provides a list of the nearest embassies.

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