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Good to know information for citizens traveling to Iran

Population :


World Share :


Land Area :


Currency : The Iranian rial is the currency of Iran(IRR)
Mobile Carrier :
  • Telecommunication Company of IranMobile Telecommunication Company of IranMTN IrancellRighTel Communications
Phone Country Code : +98
Power Outlets :
  • In Iran the power plugs and sockets are of type C and F The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz
Emergency Numbers :
  • General emergencies is 110 112 and 911 redirect to 110 on mobile phones
Driving Side : right side
Timezone :
  • Iran Daylight TimeTime zone in Iran (GMT+4:30)
Legal drinking age : Total ban, The alcohol ban was instituted after the 1979 revolution. In 2012, an Iranian news organization reported that two people were sentenced to death for drinking alcohol following two previous convictions for those same people, for which each received 80 lashes. A 2004 WHO report noted that "Religious minorities can buy alcoholic beverages from very few specifically licensed shops owned by shopkeepers of the same minority."
Is it ok to smoke weed? No, it is illegal.

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