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New delhi is the main city of India. India is found in Asia. Citizens from Canada need visa to travel to India. In the India country page you can find more tourist information about infrastructure and attractions.

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India visa for canadian passport holders

A trend and also something pleasant, traveling is something we like to do, no matter what we say. Happiness and anticipation when we do our luggage, enthusiasm when counting the days until we leave, the happiness of the journey and sometimes, even the sadness and the melancholy that takes us right after we return. It is hard to find words that can truly describe what we feel when we travel. So why not do this more often? Every time we decide to go somewhere, it is important to document everything that will involve our journey. Especially, if we go outside the country. Let's talk about the most important aspect of a trip, namely a visa. All canadian visa seekers are requested to apply for the Indian Visa through online application link, in order to make an application for getting the Indian visa. Visa is a document issued by a state to an individual by which that state allows the individual access to their territory and residence for a certain period and purposes. Most states require foreign nationals to have a visa to enter their territory, although there are several visa-free programs. Typically, visas are applied to the beneficiary's passport. So, if you are a canadian passport holder and you want to travel to an exciting country like India, you will need a visa. The Indian government has launched a new way to get a visa using just the internet and the way to get this visa is very simple.

E-Visa is a facility launched by the Indian Government for foreigners traveling to India for the purpose of Tourism, Business or short term medical treatment. Passengers must have a valid passport and a print out of the visa approval letter sent to their email before leaving the respective country they are traveling from. It is extremely important for you to understand that once an application is initiated or submitted, then you must not start to submit another application against the same passport number. Any other request made subsequently will be rejected by the Indian Government because of duplicity. It is really important to finish that request and not submit more than one application. You shall not be granted any other visa against the same passport until the time your previous visa is still valid even if any details are incorrect in the visa. Once a visa is granted against a passport, it cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded. It is recommended that when you complete the visa, you should be very careful with the data you enter and check again before sending the form. After that, you can make the payment. It is strictly advised not submit more than one applications at the same time and only the same application be completed that was initiated.

When you want to apply for an e-Visa, you need to know that it offers you countless facilities. E-Visa is valid for 60 days from the date of arrival. It must be availed within it is period of validity. If you are traveling with the purpose of Tourism or Business, then it will be valid for two entries. For Medical purpose it will be valid for three entries from the date of the first arrival date in India. This kind of visa allows you a maximum of two visits in a calendar year. The facility is valid for entry through 25 designated Airports update among them we list Bagdogra, Calicut, Chennai, Mangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Jaipur and Trivandrum) and also five designated seaports update Mumbai, Chennai, Mangalore, Cochin and Goa).
So you can get into India, you have to make sure you have solved the following problems: 1. Passport. You must have validity of at least six months from the date of arrival in India. The passport must have two blank pages in case stamping needed to be done by the Immigration Officer.
2. If you travel to India, you’ll be required to have a return ticket or an onward journey ticket and may be asked at the airport to be furnished.
3. Tourists must travel with enough money to spend during the stay in India.
4. For Medical purpose, a person must have a letter from the Hospital on their letterhead where the treatment is supposed to happen.
5. For Business travel one must have his or her business card or a letter from the company for the purpose of travel.

People eligible to get a visa and travel to India are requested to apply online minimum four days in advance of the date of arrival with a window of 180 days. For example, Pakistani passport holders are not eligible for this kind of facility; they should apply through the local Embassy or Consulate. Because you are a canadian passport holder, you will not face such problems. Also, this kind of facility is not available for Diplomatic or Official passport holders. Be very careful because this is a very important issue you need to know. Each individual must apply separately on their passport. Children traveling on parents passport are not eligibile for this scheme. Also, the delivery times are not applicable for Sri Lanka and Chinese passport holders. For these nationalities the delivery times is five business days in case of urgent processing and ten hours business days in case of normal processing time.
Processing time for other citizens is:
- standard processing time, the cheapest one and you’ll receive the visa on e-mail on a business day;
- rush processing time, slightly more expensive than the standard one and you’ll get visa in about two hours;
- super rush processing time, the most expensive of all three and you’ll receive the visa in 15 minutes.
There is also another thing that matters about processing time and that is the fast track processing. For this kind of service, you’ll have to choose the "Urgent Processing" from the bottom of the application. You can benefit from this feature if you pay a series of additional charges, special taxes for these types of unplanned journeys in which you must necessarily arrive in a country in a very short time. The only requirement is that your travel date must be at least after 72 hours from the time your submit the application. For any assistance, you may contact customer care number. You can check the status of Visa Application on the link for Visa Enquiry. Also, you’ll be requested to visit website of the Indian Mission concerned for detailed information about Indian visa. It is very necessary for canadian citizens to have valid travel document before arriving in India. Foreign nationals arriving in India without a visa will not be allowed entry into the country. Canadian passport holder must obtain e-Visa before traveling to India. You don’t have to go to an embassy, you can apply for a India Visa online by accessing the site Canadian passport holders can stay in India for 30 days. The India Tourist e-Visa remains valid for one year starting from the date you arrive in India and grants a maximum of two trips of 30 days each.

As a Canadian passport holder, you’ll need this following documents when you travel to India:
-a valid passport update for six months from the date of arrival in India);
-a digital passport photo;
-a passport scan.
You can start gather your documents and you can go looking for accommodation. It takes about four days to get a visa for India. If you apply for your India visa at You can submit your application months in advance and let iVisa submit your visa. Entry into India is done in two ways, either by an airport or by a sea port. If you go to India with a plane, you can enter India with the e-Visa through these airports: Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bagdogra, Bengaluru, Calicut, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Tiruchirapalli, Trivandrum, Varanasi & Vishakhapatnam.
As well, entry into India via a seaport and using e-Visa is done only through these five seaports: -Cochin, Goa, Mangalore, Mumbai and Chennai.
Attention! Some cruise lines refuse to recongnize e-Visa. If you plan to travel to India with a cruise ship, you’ll need to have a paper visa glued into the passport by the Indian Consular Office nearest them in Canada, prior to travel. If you don’t have this, you will not be accepted as a passenger with an e-Visa by some cruise lines. When you want to choose the ship you want to travel to India, check whether the cruise accepts this type of visa.
Above, we have mentioned that you need to present a digital photo and there are some questions about this topic. You’ll just have to upload a digital photograph as a part of the process for Visa to India. If you want to ensure that your photo is 100%, search on internet various programs that can help you. You have to make sure that the height and width of the photo are equal, the photo is clear and present full face, front view, eyes open. Center head within frame and present full head from top of hair to bottom of chin. The background should be plain light colored, or even white background. You have to make sure that there are no shadows on the face or on the background. Also, you’ll have to make sure that the photograph has no borders.

Prior to the introduction of this type of visa, travelers could obtain a visa when entering the country. This is no longer valid, so you have to make sure you already have a visa because India does not provide visa on arrival anymore. E-Visa has replaced the earlier existing systems in November 2015. E-Visa can not be applied offline and the online application has to be done at least four days before arrival in India. E-visa is not the only visa you can apply for. Canadian passport holders can opt for a normal visa, or as it is called, sticker visas. So that you can obtain such a visa, you’ll have to go to an embassy closest to you after you make a reservation. After you get the approval, that visa will be attached to the passport. Sticker visas are valid for 10 years and hold multiple entry benefits. This visa contains several types of visas like Diplomatic Visa, Emergency Visa,
Journalist Visa, Conference Visa, Research Visa, Employment Visa, Entry Visa, Medical Visa, Missionaries Visa, Tourist visa, Student Visa, Transit Visa, Film Visa and Intern Visa. Canadian Passport holders who wish to stay in India for a period of fewer than 60 days can avail an E-Tourist visa. So you can apply for this type of visa you will need the following documents:
-a scanned copy of the first and last page of your passport;
-passport size photograph in JPEG format;
-details about parent’s passport;
-details about your partner, if you are married;
-workplace information;
-the port through which you want to enter the country.

You have to make sure that the documents you send are those requested by the institutions. You must pay particular attention to the format in which the documents are sent, because any small mistake can make you not be eligible for the visa. To avoid any problem, you can call a visa agent to whom you send the documents and who will edit it so that all the papers are in accordance with the requirements. If you make sure you have all the documents in order, getting the visa should not be a problem. You can apply for any visa you want, as long as when you arrive in India, you have a visa. It's more bureaucracy, but you do not have to worry about it. Just tighten all the documents that are required to get the visa and plan your trip without stress. Travel is a pleasure, and getting the papers should not stress you.